Tuesday, February 10, 2009


regardless of what is said...this is what i remember.this is what happened.
one day Truth calls and says..hey mang! im coming to Texas for Sharks With Freaking Lazer Tattoo Removal tm...next thing i know hes here in Texas.so i call out A*town scumbags assemble.From then in no real order ,we are all drunk in a bars with gnomes..video taping of some sort went on..there was a wiener object poking people ,Truth is accusing people of being bmx celebirties..then an assault of some sort occured and then as we are heading home Truth falls into a pothole.that was just Austin.
So We Head to Tuscon Az...14 hours later we are there.Bam..Tucson Az is great..guns, motorcycles, sand and some rad dudes.so as we are there hanging out with Mr.Tucson BricktopBrent & posse,and Jim & crew @Fastlane Tattoo ..some very sick bikes all these boys roll.(check out Bricktop on the myspace, they rock)they took badass care and hospitality of us and made me feel right as home as we went to some rally at a strip mall..yeah i said strip mall not club.?!..partied down..hopped a few bars when we end up to a rap show in a biker bar?it was filmed in Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man.(how gay could it be)..almost killed charlie brown.then to Vaudville & hung out with local celebirty "Derek"...ate a badass huge chorrizo,papa and quesoblanco burrito that i got hated on because i ordered in Spanish.became the ConQuesodor,a title of great honor...haters...great fucking time..cant remember alot of the night..must be great.
later that night threw up that said burrito...ugh..then next day on the way back we went to Tombstone had a lil' whiskey...scared locals and tourist alike..got back in the car..and headed back to Austin.ugh...14 hours.we had more picts that were destroyed by the government off of Truths phone.this was the one pict i had on my phone..next time more picts and no words because im sure your already sick of this story.
eL Du$to out.

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