Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I get home from Maui yesterday (photos/blog to come soon on this trip) and find that Truckalope Jay had finished the seat for my 79 FLH... it fuckin rules! TOTAL RESISTANCE!


  1. Great seat man. Where did you go in Maui? I was just there in October for my honeymoon. I rented a Ducati Monster 1000 while on the island. Motorcycles and Maui is a gnarly combination!!!!

  2. I was in Lahaina/Kahana - was there for a wedding. Rented a road king, because my girl has a broken foot and needed something that would be comfortable for her. Definitely would have preferred a Monster on the road to Hana!

  3. The road to Hana was such a awesome ride. Didn't get to do it on the monster, but me and the wife did it in out rental Jeep convertible... Not as cool, but was a great ride. We stayed in the Kapalua Villas in Lahaina. It was nice as hell. Our villa was right on the water basically. I'm still pissed we had to come back to dirty Jer-z. Life's a bitch right?