Monday, September 21, 2009

Took A Trip To Delmarva

first 60 miles my back brake rotor started rubbing the caliper. shimed the anchor arm so it would cock enough that it wouldnt rub and babied the brake rest of trip. kinda hard with no front brake.
Heidi pushing the button for a toll ticket for the 15th time. at this point my yelling and laughing had her at the rev limiter. that plus the fact that every 20 minutes i have been riding up beside her hitting her horn button

My whole voltage regulator and bracket broke off and was dragging down the highway at 80mph. Heidi said she saw sparks shooting from underneath my bike. when she finaly got me to slow down i heard all this clanging from my bike and thought now what the fuck broke as i pulled over on the shoulder. pulled the plug off, cut a wire and in the bookbag it went. i need to say now I LOVE MY MAGNETO. no lights but the fucker ran all weekend.

Humphrys 54

this was about the extent of bikes i liked all weekend.

view from our room. dude was out thier preaching all weekend by 7am. JESUS SAVES!

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