Thursday, October 15, 2009


So now that its getting cold and i can keep my hood up at work and hide my i-pod headphones, i was wondering what everyones top 5-10 songs are??


  1. House of the Rising Sun- Animals
    Long Whip/Big America - CoC
    Down in Mexico - The Coasters
    Search and Destroy - The Stooges
    Motorcity Madhouse - Nugent

  2. we gotta know--cro mags
    banned in dc--bad brains
    have you ever seen the rain--CCR
    revenge on society-One Life Crew
    writer in the sun --donovan

  3. justice replaced by revenge - ringworm
    thirsty and miserable - black flag
    damned - madball
    to die for - integrity
    paint it black - rolling stones
    indian love call - slim whitman
    tiny bubbles - don ho
    street justice - cro mags
    test my convictions - terror
    aint like you - blood for blood