Monday, April 5, 2010

The Tahoe is back!

So I hydrolocked the motor in my Tahoe a few weeks back and have been daily drivin the 52. Friday the Tahoe was done! New motor, the trans was rebuilt a few years back, new pulleys, fluids, filters, plugs, hoses Etc! Its like a new truck! So it was nice out Friday and I decided to take the bike to Staten Island and pay my bill, the fucking bike wouldnt start so I take the 52, hit Melfis Garage, pay, hang for a bit and then shoot back through Brooklyn and home. Saturday Karen took me to pick up the truck later in the day. Sunday we took the 52 to Conneticut, nice cruise, today I see we lost a rear shock bolt somewhere, its just hanging back there. So now that the Tahoe is back its time to tear into the 52!

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