Wednesday, August 4, 2010

gypsy run


The Basic Itinerary

Pre Run Party Featuring MC Matt Davis! Hoboken, NJ.

Depart from Cool Beans Coffee Shop. Oradell, NJ
Approximately 200 miles of riding.
Camping at the Sleepy Hollow Campground. Phoenicia, NY

Approximately 200 miles of riding.
Camping at the Skinners Falls Campground. Narrowsburg, NY

Approximately 100 miles of riding. to S. Hackensack, NJ
End of run Party, Bike show, some food some drinks.

Times will be posted as we get them.


Friday Night Aug. 27th.
Sleepy Hollow Campground.
$15.00 Per Camper. This site is on the honor system. No reservations needed. Pay upon arrival.

Sleepy Hollow Camp Site
(845) 688-5471
5636 Rt-28, Phoenicia, NY 12464

Saturday Night Aug. 28th
Skinners Falls Campground
$16.00 per tent or $18.00 for a lean to. I have 20 spots to hold the area. They are going to my crew and the sponsors. There is room for hundreds at this place. The only thing is... YOU MUST MAKE YOUR OWN RESERVATION. They will put us all in the same area you just have to say you are with the GYPSY RUN when you make your reservation.

Skinners Falls Campground C/O Lander's River Trips
5961 State Route 97, Narrowsburg, NY 12764
Call toll free 1-800-252-3925 Or email us at

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