Monday, December 13, 2010

Karen did it again!!

She entered the Pros v. Bros dead lift competition on Saturday, she came in 5th with 42 reps with 185lbs! Tazzie Colomb won with 55 reps! But the sickest of all was Derrick Poundstone, 3 times America's Strongest Man, did 38 reps with 405! Then did singles starting at 585 and ending it all with a triple of 765!! The greatest part about it is he was talking to me and this dude Mark, then excusing himself, walking over, deadlifting and coming back and picking up where he left off mid sentence, the dude is a fucking animal. Thats him in the picture with Karen, 6'1" and 340lbs with abs, impressive! And notice how this girl brings it! All pink with matching HF socks and rockin an 86 shirt, H being the 8th letter of the alphabet and F being the 6th. She brings it hard! I think this time ACDC was pounding through her ipod. By the way, you can watch it here

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