Friday, October 28, 2011

Introducing Tom Nelson

Tom is one of the owners of Rolling Thunder Cycles in Hempstead LINY. I worked there for a bit side by side with him. He tells some top notch stories and like to whisper the word "cock" to me, thats a true statement, he does it all the time. He has an extensive collections of slides from back in the 70s, he just got a program that allows him to put all his slides on the computer. He has sent me a few, one of him with his first girlfriend, he still loves her. Him on his 68 and on his ULH which he later re-did and it graced the pages of Iron Horse with the infamous basket weaved oil tank. I have two naked pictures of him that I am saving for a special time.


  1. any dude that whispers "cock" is a good dude in my book

  2. nick, that dude fucking rules! the few minutes we got to spend thier was awesome. he told the raddest stories ever!!