Monday, October 15, 2012

I have grown up around motorcycles and true 1% outlaws my whole fucking life, not the ones who watch shit on tv or read about it on the internet. I remember a time when I was embarresed that my dad was a “biker” and most people I knew would make fun and talk shit on me for it. When looking dirty and riding your motorcycle far distances was something you did because it was what you did and who you were, not because its what everyone is blogging about or it might be “epic”.  When wrenching on your own motorcycle was a must because you become one with your machine and the more you ride the more shit breaks so you better be able to fix it at 2am along side the road, because you love your bike and you would rather die then let someone else touch it. I REALY fucking remember when everyone but a few “outlaws” HATED fxr’s, but like I said, now watching it on tv or seeing it on the internet has somehow turned them into the greatest bike around, when real deal motherfuckers already knew this.  I remember when calling someone “bro” or “homie” was actually because you knew the person and would talk and ride together , not because you follow them on a website.

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