Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This dude knows where its at

5.9%: Even people not in the 40oz game know of OE800. It's pure clasicness. The label has remained untouched all these years, as it better remain so, and the taste is the perfect malt liquor taste. Flows down beautifully from beginning to end. If you see someone at a party with a beer 40, smack it out of their hand - chances are they don't have a malt 40 cuz they're malt wankstas & don't like the taste. But there's nothing to not like about OE800. So tell em to go get one or else you'll smash their spine. If you've never drank OE800, get off my goddamn website & get one NOW. 10/10 swills for being the 40 that all others are compared to. Thanks out to CountryClubMan, Jayd55 & White Mike for a few of the variants!

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