Monday, June 8, 2009

Vol 3 write up, since the assholes on JJ already moved it

Here is the trailer incase you missed it

So being the NY Location Manager pays off sometimes. I got an early copy of Vol 3 in the mail. I took a quick look at it, a scan so to speak as I was taking a break from a day of grueling yard work. I knew right then I needed to sit back and watch this one right. So Saturday night we grabbed some pizza, beer and cookies and had at it.

The DVD kills, plain and simple. Every bike on it is worth it, no bullshit! And not one to pat myself on the back but the Ny footage is OUTSTANDING! We took Jason Moss (choppercopper1) 3 hours out of Long Island just to get the propper riding footage. We had que cards for christ's sake! Who the fuck does that? Dusty did one hell of a job with the Texas crew, and the Fall River mass guys really give you an inside look as to why their town motto is "We Try". Jim and Brent and the Az. dudes are just down right doin it! Every segment has you on the edge of your seats, this is not your average bike DVD. Not to ruin it for anyone but play close attention to The Tone segment, its most intrieging. Lets not forget about the apprentice abuse, its a disaster. Big Truth, Choppahead and Supercharged Media did it again. I smell Tony Award!

This DVD got me laid, that is no lie!

June 21rst release date!

I got word that Vol 4 is already in progress, so stay tuned!

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