Monday, May 3, 2010

How it all began!

My first build back in 04. 2 over 38* rake Kraft Tech frame, 240 rear tire, stock 80" Evo, 5spd kick only, 3" open BDL. Started with just a frame and rear tire in my garage with a welder, grinder and socket set. I made the pipes, foward controls, all the tank mounts and fender mounts and struts. It was completley spray painted with Krylon gloss black frame and Camo Green tank and fender with a matte clear. never left my garage till it was under its own power! That bike was reliable! Slaytanic actually chased me down on 95 on the way to the Choppahead 5 year aniversary party! That bike was featured in The Horse and Choppahead Vol. 2. Now we cut it up and building a trike out of it. I jumped in head first with that bike having never owned anything but a Suzuki 80 and 230 Quad Sport. I rode that bike to North Carolina to the Smoke Out from Long Island NY with some good friends!


  1. I remember that. it took everything that beat-up el camino had to catch you!!

  2. I know that following you on this build is what really started my idea of doing this too.