Thursday, September 9, 2010


For years I've been planning on building an ignorant 70's style trike... well, I ended up picking up a survivor 70's show-trike rolling chassis off my man Junior in Indiana. Me and Jim P hauled ass down there this weekend to pick her up... BEHOLD THE RUM RUNNER.... 10 feet by 5 feet of unbridled glory! I dont even know if Im gonna do all that much to change her!!! Won't be a while till I get to this project anyhow.

She had a knuck in her, not sure what powerplant Im gonna put in there, but Im 99% sure it wont be a knuck! TRUTH OUT


  1. And then the Trike Chronicles can begin! I got a line on a set of Cragar 15x10s for mine! Oh its on!

  2. im looking for a sheepskin vest and drinking horn already!