Monday, October 25, 2010

The wood bike (Harleywood) is done...

It took a year. But me an Nick and the rest of the boys at the Butcher Shop finished the wood bike. The past week we had three different photogs with three different styles do three different photoshoots of it. Here are some of the best from each. None of them ever shot a bike before. Holla back fellas, let me know what you think.

Jesse takes pics of weddings and what not.

Josh runs a VW e-zine called

Matt Poirier is a photo artist type

Dallas Dave Melo came through on gettin the broad for that last one. We gotta look through those proofs an pic the best ones. Then we'll have them with no watermark.


  1. Wow, what incredible work. Neat wood paint job; just like the fixed-gear crowd has been doing for awhile. Plus it's a Sportster--a great way to show those old Harley wannabes you're willing to embrace what's universally considered gay and say, "Hey!! Look at me! I might be gay!" Very gutsy. I imagine the fashion-conscious crowd is going to eat this up.

  2. Well. It takes courage for AnimalFriends, a.k.a. Pussy with a keyboard, to post his witty, sarcastic comment. I understand that people have opinions, like assholes, so i won't take it to heart. You click on this jokers profile, and it's blocked. Probably so we can't see his body of work and give him/her some constructive criticism. He can hate on our work. I'm out there in our two car garage having fun. If you don't like the bike, first off, just say so! (instead of making dickless clever little comments showing how smart you are) and second say it to our faces instead of across the internet.

  3. I meant that as a compliment. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Somebody at HD told my publicist you guys were making show bikes for them, and after reading this blog for a few weeks it seemed like you guys really had the vibe they were going for so I guess I thought that's what was up.

  4. You have a publicist? and by reading this blog for a couple of weeks you think we have a vibe to build show bikes for HD? Go eat a dick you little faggot!