Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Im still working on my draft for the road trip adventure but for now

Apparently my beard took on its own personality, its gone now but in rememberence a few have spoke about my beard and what it meant to them. The following is a colaberation of Big Truth, my brother and Cornbeef
Big Nick's beard...

probably has it's own medicaid number by now...thinking he all that

is playing Captain Caveman in the new live action movie...

has a sex tape

is a stand in for trump's toupee

never stopped believin'

on the new wheaties box.

is not too shy to shy

chooses life

is howling around your kitchen door

had a vasectomy so that it cant reproduce.

wore two hats. one named "divide" and one named "conquer".

uses the pull & pray method

down by the quarry with nigger jim.

shot biggie

has one commandment. thou shall not praise false beards.

has a kickstand.

has a +12 saving throw.

will make you jump jump

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