Friday, January 29, 2010

To add to Truth's synopsis in no particular order

The whole trip was sick! Just a cross country race, filled with random expressions, a ton of alcohol, great people, good food and crazy times! Some of the best times I have had in my 34 years on this place were spent on this trip! Riding through the desert cant be beat! So much nicer than dodging potholes and cars on the BQE in Brooklyn. I gotta thanks Trent for putting us up and dealing with our bullshit of trying to make him listen to Cadilac Don, Jim and Katie for letting us crash for days in their living room, Sammy, Kevin, Dusty, Big Block and Brent (Brick Top) for just being some of the most solid guys I know! Pat for drawing up such a kick ass cactus, The Taco Shop for the burritos and horchata and the state of Arizona for ruining me and making me pack my shit and move from NY. I gotta thank Christian and Truth because I am way to structured to pull off such a kick ass two weeks, you gotta love fly by the night. But seriously Christian, Grow the fuck up!

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