Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trip West

Here's some of the highlights of Nick, Christian, and I's road trip out West (in no particular order):

1. Fireworks procurement.
2. Discovering and visiting the worlds biggest knife superstore - this thing was 3 floors, each the size of a department store. Scoring a real deal, used, Romanian ak-47 bayonet for $9!!! Laughing at the metalflake knives.
3. Making last call at the Bamboo room, the worst and most depressing "tiki" bar ever
4. Showing up to Graceland 10 minutes after it closed. Hitting up the front gate with an HF sticker.

1. Hanging with Trent at Atomic Customs. He's got an awesome stable of bikes, and is a gracious host.
2. Proving to Nick that all the service stations in NM are staffed by gay indians. It's a weird phenomena.
3. Scoring a pancho.
4. Pissing on the Truth & Consequences road sign.

1. Hanging with our T-Town HF Brotheren! Respect for hosting us and showing us a good time the whole time we were out there.
2. Getting completely hammered on every shot imaginable on my birthday. Puking more in one two-hour span than the sum total of my life previously.
3. Breakfast burritos and horchata.
4. Bringing the East Coast assholery to the Love Cycles party. Jeremiah's a good sport and a good dude, and he hooked me up with a bird deflector.
5. Olde English HIGH GRADE........
6. Driving Jim's dodge hot rod around.
7. Riding in the desert.
8. Assembling a crack team of chopper scientists to working day and night to solve the problem of Jim's magneto.
9. Hanging with George and Wendy @ Spartan Frameworks. Good people fo'sho!
10. Christian bringing us to an artsy hipster burger joint in PHX. But it was good.
11. HF dinner in Tucson. Last supper of assholes. Salsa homemade right at your table.
12. Riding through the desert through the dead hours while it was snowing. Having half conscious conversations that I dont remember.

1. Double Down saloon. Graveyard special of 1 can of Schlitz, 1 glass of ass juice, and a slim jim for $5
2. Learning that a slim jim tastes like bacon if you cook it with a lighter first.
3. Franks Tiki Bar - the real deal - and its awesome high grade drinks and juke box
4. Foolishness at Last Chance Tattoo
5. Hanging with the Vegas crew.
6. Riding on the strip in the rain.

1. "Ships" in Dallas, best dive bar in town.
2. "Hard Eight" BBQ pit. Where your meat is served by the pound, on a tray with no plate - just some wax paper.

Of course there's plenty more, but these are the major highlights. Had a blast, and got a lot of good footage for Choppahead Vol. 4. Pictures to come.

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