Monday, January 31, 2011

And now a word from Ghostface

“Ayo word bond this the god Big Ghost broadcastin live via satellites to yall niggas from the heavens nahmeans! Ayo a nigga dont mean no disrespect but this shit right here way too homo erotic for a nigga namsayin. A nigga dont mean no disrespect to this soft nigga Drake n that thick little broad Nicki n shit nahmeans. But this is real talk nahmeans.”

“Ayo the soft nigga Drake makin too many questionable moves n shit namsayin. Ayo that soft nigga too light in the ass nahmeans. The nigga all lotioned n baby powdered up anytime the god see that nigga. The nigga all tender n gentle n shit. Word bond if you light a cigarette too close to this muthafucka you gon roast the nigga. The niggas a marshmallow namsayin. Nigga need to be wearin a pillowcase. You cut the nigga open n you gon get feathers flying around the room n shit.”

“Ayo the nigga a stuffed animal nahmean. Word bond the nigga probably got tags sewn on his ass namsayin. Nigga probably take baths in Downy n shit. The muthafucka probably got lotion pumpin through his veins n shit. Dont get the god wrong or nothin like that cos i fucks wit some of his shit namsayin. But this nigga dont even need no airbag if he smash his whip n shit. The aloe vera ass nigga too soft for the god likin lately namsayin. Stay puff ass nigga.”

“The Duncan Hines ass muthafucka is influencin niggas to soften up they images n shit. Muthafucka we Staten Island niggas n we eat razors for snacks nahmeans. We throw boulders at each other for practice namsayin! We squeeze water outta rocks when we thirsty nigga! We gon eat the hair off a nigga head if we hungry namsayin! Fuck all that Aveeno shit nigga.”

“Like I said tho the god dont really mean no disrespect or nothin of that nature. The god wish these niggas much success n prosperity n shit. But Shaolin niggas dont get down like that. We dodge lasers namsayin. We approach niggas daily n we throw bricks at a nigga spine if he try to run. This real nigga shit right here. Go watch the god latest video nahmeans. Bitches throw rose pedals on the ground a nigga walk on. That’s real shit. Word.”

“Aight peace.”


  1. thats why the wu aint nothing to fuck with.

  2. GFK, aka Theodore Deini the Wallabee Champ, funniest dude ever. And that eagle forearm piece he used to rock was just crazy.