Monday, January 24, 2011


this is the panhead i've been putting together for my dad. he has had this bike for almost 40 years, its been off the road since the early 80's and in pieces down in the cellar for as long as i can remember.the last time it was together it had a 12 over springer with no rake, railroad spike pegs, king-queen seat, buckhorns, and big metal flake teal paint. i wanted to keep it clean and simple, you can't go wrong with a hand shift, open primary, z-bar panhead. the motor and trans was completely rebuilt by Henry at R.A.T. racing. most of the parts i had laying around, other used shit came from the swapmeet, and some repop v-twin stuff (rear brake parts, axle, 6v electric stuff, ect.) came from Cape Cod Choppers. i had the bike done in nov. but it wasn't charging, i went around in circles with the old 6v 3brush generator untill the old man caved in and coughed up the dough for a new cycle electric gen/reg. Dennis and Eddie were over at my place when i finished it up, we loaded it up in Dennis' pickup and dropped it off last night.