Monday, January 24, 2011

fender almost done

I got the fender up there, its mounted to the frame on this one so I made a brace of sorts to center it and hold it up in the air as i worked on the mounts. I shaved this whole frame so I had to come up with something a little different to keep the fender to the frame. Im diggin it. I have to do the lower mount and then make the seat frame which will also hold onto the fender. All this on milk and cookies.


  1. thats solid! love those mounts!

  2. nice job nick! hope that oil tank has a mount on the bottom also, i only had 2 on the top of mine and after the 3rd repair from vibration i stopped being so stubborn and finaly put a bracket for the bottom. (thanks humphry)

  3. It doesnt have one yet but it will. I am just mor concerned with getting this fender done. I made a bung for it, just have to have my buddy TIG it on, I dont weld aluminum. Thanks Philth!